"I wanted to thank you for the most wonderful pup that came into my life 5 months ago. We emailedback and forth for almost 2 months when you sent me the note saying there was a puppy ready for a new family. You sent pictures, I responded, my daughter and I drove from Salt Lake City to Tampa florida to pick-up the cute black & white puppy. After allot of family discussion we decided to name her Talulah Bankhead after the most audacious movie/stage screen star of the 20's. Ms.T is most wonderful!! I adore her and so very grateful for her being in my life. She has lived with 4 Standard poodles being the boss, most of the time. Thank you for all of the care and love that began her life and we have continued for these years and pray for many many more.

Zeus has been enjoying doggie day care once a week and was photographed by "The Mercury News" for an article they published recently about canines "Under One Woof". The little guy is probably more recognized in Alameda now more than I am! He is such an extraordinary dog, Dee. He brings light & joy to us every single day. He's confident, playful and just loves everyone. People are so amazed when we walk him around Alameda and he approaches them so happily. He's 3lbs of joy!!

Anyway, the photo came out so well and I thought you might enjoy seeing it. He is such a Ham for the cameras! One lady in a doggie boutique asked me if he was a model.....so fun: Thank you again for bringing this amazing little guy into our lives."

james chester
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with samoyedonlinebreeders.comf . She was patient and very informative throughout our whole transaction. I received many photos of my girls as they grew enough to take their flight to their new "forever home". We also spoke several times on the phone and formed a bond of friendship over our love of Chihuahuas. When my girls arrived, they were not only beautiful, but were extremely well socialized and very loving. There was no time of adjustment as for the excellent care Dee had given, they were more than happy to join our 'forever home'. You can't put a price on that kind of nurturing and I will always be grateful. Dee is not only my breeder now but also a dear and valued friend. You will find no better Chihuahuas anywhere. I am looking forward to her help again in the future."
frank morgan
Hi Dee, Sorry it took awhile for me to get back to you but have been busy at work (by the way BAMBI) goes to work with me and is the delight of the office. I even got a special Baby Shower for her. Thank you so much for our precious little girl........she is our princess & literally runs our home. She has her own little bed with pink as her favority color" My husband is so In-Love with her that she can do no wrong & he has to carry her little 2 1/2 body around everywhere we go ( and I am the one with the Purse! ) WE will be contacting you again in about 6 months for another beautiful friend for Bambi AND me."
Nancy Rosline
"I am a very satisfied customer of samoyedonlinebreeders where I purchased not one but two Samoyed dogs, six months apart, from you. I brought them to my vet and both were extremely healthy with excellent hearts, no worms, no luxated patellas, and extremely well socialized. Both girls were shipped with doggy sweaters, matching blankets, toys, water & food for their save trip to Florida. All provided by Dee I have never been happier, both have fine tempermants & personalities. I immediately saw that they came from a breeder who loved & cared for them. I not only recommed samoyedonlinebreeders.com to all my friends, but I have also given her business cards to my Vet who was, also, impressed with the quality of my dogs. Whoever wrote those untrue statements in 2019 accusing this wonderful breeder should be chastised. I am so happy with my darling girls "Candy & Chantel". Thank you so very much, samoyedonlinebreeders
Clarissa Wilkinson
"Quería ponerme en contacto contigo, enviarte estas fotos y hacerte saber que los hermosos bebés con los que nos emparejaste ahora esperan sus propios bebés maravillosos. Zoey tiene seis semanas de embarazo y queremos que nos ayudes a guiarnos a través de este espantoso Sin embargo, precioso proceso de "nueva vida." Nos ha influido mucho en el cuidado de estas mascotas y no puede esperar para compartir el parto de la próxima generación con usted y Joe. Gracias, nos complace saber que estará disponible para nosotros (y sí, lo llamaremos independientemente de la hora). El esposo dice "está bien, grabará el video mientras las niñas y yo ayudamos a Zoey a dar a luz y limpiar a los recién nacidos, pero el video es solo para tus ojos" ... continuará Dee, hemos estado revisando todos los días para ver si su sitio está de regreso porque nos encanta mirar a sus nuevos cachorros. Amamos tanto a nuestra pequeña Lilly y ella se ha apoderado por completo de nuestros corazones. Esperamos conseguirle un compañero. Gracias por criarla con tanto cariño, ya que encaja en nuestra familia como está destinada a nosotros ".
Carlos ortiz
"Eu só tinha que escrever e garantir que qualquer pessoa que vier ao seu site possa ler sobre o nosso" Jake ". Muito obrigado pelo excelente atendimento e socialização que você deu a ele quando era bebê. Ele é tão simpático e todos ficam surpresos com o quão gentil ele é quando o conhecem. Sim, ele e eu nos unimos, embora ele seja amoroso com meu marido e se divirta com minha filha ... ele apenas corre para mim para me tranquilizar de vez em quando e me abraça no colo sempre que tenho a chance de sentar. Felizmente, trabalho em casa, então ele pode me ajudar no trabalho do computador: eu poderia dizer tantas coisas maravilhosas, mas o mais importante é avisar você e todos que "pensamos que você é o melhor e planejamos obter a companhia de Jake de você este ano."
Sorry it took so long for me to write this Dee, but I have thought about it every day as I love and need the little guy that you placed with me. I have found a whole new life exists with my new companion. He even helps me get the ladies to notice us. He is so social and has taught me so new skills. I was worried about training a male but found he was already familiar with the idea when i got him ( he even pottied on the potty pad in the airport when I first got him ) I am proud and take him everywhere I go. If you ever need a reference of the excellent Chihuahuas you breed..direct them my way." Thanks again,
Jenny Black
"Merci pour nos merveilleux petits chiots. Avoir ces précieux bébés a changé notre vie et notre famille. Je tiens également à vous remercier de nous avoir aidés avec des conseils d'élevage car notre bébé" Jilly "est confirmé enceinte et nous sommes très excités pour l'événement à venir : Notre vétérinaire et nos amis nous font le compte à rebours des jours jusqu'à ce qu'une nouvelle naissance ... une nouvelle vie ... revienne dans nos vies. Nous prions pour que nous puissions prendre soin de nos bébés..bébés.. aussi merveilleusement que vous avez élevé ces parents. Bénissez-vous, Dee et vous entendrez parler de nous lorsque nos nouveaux anges seront accueillis. "
tommy .v benson